Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What ages do you teach?

I take students as early as five years of age.

2.  Do you teach adults?

Absolutely!  I enjoy teaching adults.  Contact me and we can discuss goals.

3.  Do you offer family discounts?


4.  Where are you located?

I teach at two locations in town. I have a private studio at MacPherson Presbyterian Church in Fayetteville, which is conveniently located close to the Fayetteville Academy and Van Story Hills neighborhood.  I also teach at the Fayetteville School of Music, located in the Haymount area.  More information can be found at the school’s website,

5.  Do I need a piano?

It is imperative that the student has a good quality instrument on which to practice.  An acoustic piano is ideal.  However, if you prefer to go the digital piano route, it should be a full sized keyboard (88 keys), have weighted keys that are touch sensitive, and include a foot pedal.

6.  How much should I practice?

Beginners should expect to practice a minimum of thirty minutes a day, most days of the week.  If sitting down for thirty minutes is difficult, you can break it up into two fifteen-minute sessions and be just as effective.  Intermediate and advanced students should expect to practice more.  Please keep in mind that when it comes to practice, it is not only the amount of time that you spend at the piano, but also how you practice.  I teach my students how to make the most of their practice time by encouraging efficient practice.  Parents with young children studying piano find it most helpful to engage in supervised practice.

7.  Where do I wait while my child has his piano lesson?

You are welcome to wait at one of the couches located near the front entrance or close to the fellowship hall.  Parents may also sit in the room to watch the lesson.  Some students find it reassuring to have the parent in the room while the lesson takes place, while others find it distracting.  Sometimes I may require a parent to be present if the student is experiencing behavioral issues.  Other times I might encourage a parent to wait in the designated waiting area, as it may be difficult to concentrate with a parent watching.  Every student is different.

8.  School was cancelled because of snow/other inclement weather.  What do we do?

My policy is that when the public schools are closed due to inclement weather, we do not meet.  We will hold make up lessons at a time convenient to everyone, or we can have a lesson through Skype.

9.  My child is sick.  What is your policy?

Please do not come to the lesson if you are contagious or running a fever.  I do allow one make up lesson per quarter for this reason.

10.  There has been a family emergency/someone deploying/re-deploying.  What is your policy?

I allow for one make up lesson per quarter.

11.  I would like to drop my child off early before lessons and I expect to be late picking her up because I have errands.  Is that OK?

Sorry, no.  Please arrive no earlier than ten minutes before your scheduled lesson time.  Otherwise, I may not be here.  Also, it may be distracting to any students I may be teaching at that time if I am constantly having to supervise another child.  I may need to leave right after a lesson, and I have no way to ensure their safety when I leave.  Please know that I am grateful for your cooperation and understanding regarding this policy.

12.  Is food and drink allowed in your studio?

Food is not allowed.  I will allow drinks on two conditions:  it is in a covered container (water bottle, coffee thermos), and it stays on the side table, and not anywhere near the piano.


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