Music History Summer Camp



Our annual music camp is scheduled for July 24-28 at MacPherson Presbyterian Church in Fayetteville.   This camp will be led by Val Muller and Amanda Schafer.   Join us as we explore Classical music from the Renaissance era to the Twentieth Century.  Last year, our camp was centered around non-Western music and featured many arts and crafts, and we made our own instruments.  This year, we will go on a musical journey of Europe from the Renaissance to the present.  We will have more arts and crafts, musical games, snacks, dancing, and lots of beautiful music.  The age limit has expanded this year.  The morning section at 9:00-11:45 is for ages 5-12, and the afternoon section at 2:00-4:45 is aimed towards students ages 13-18.  The camp flyer and registration form is located below.  Please email me if you have any questions.

Music History Summer Camp registration form

Music History Summer Camp flyer


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