Spring 2017 Listening Assignment



This assignment will fulfill the listening homework requirement listed in the Spring Challenge.

For this assignment, each student will listen to one of the videos listed at the bottom of the page.  They will write a paragraph or two about the piece.  Please include the title of the piece, a basic description of the piece (such as instruments used, duration of the piece, tempo, dynamics), and a sentence or two stating your thoughts and opinion of the work.


Due Date:  June 9, 2017


Piece of Music:  Please list the title of the video.


Thoughts for the summary:  Does their performance fit the style of music? Did they play in a large concert hall or a smaller setting?  Any interesting sound effects?  What is your opinion of their style of playing?  Was the piece exciting?  Lonely? Festive?  Peaceful?  Have you heard the melody before?


One last note:  There are other sites that offer Classical American music.  However, in an effort to prevent having to purchase anything for this assignment, we will be using YouTube. In addition to offering endless cat videos, YouTube is a gold mine for rare recordings and emerging new artists.  It also contains ads and comments sections.  Please exercise caution when visiting the site.  Parents of young students may wish to watch the video first.


Please choose one of the following pieces:


Charles Griffes, The Fountain of Acqua Paola

Stephen Beus, solo piano



George Gershwin, Rhapsody in Blue

Piano and Orchestra

Yuja Wang, soloist



William Bolcom, The Serpent’s Kiss

Misha Galant, solo piano



George Crumb, Makrokosmos III, V Music of the Starry Night

Two pianos and percussion ensemble



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