Reading Assignment: Ludwig van Beethoven

Students are to write a one-page summary on the subject. Students are not expected to read through every single source listed, but it is necessary to read at least two of the sources to gain a clear understanding of the topic. At the end of the summary, please write down which sources you read (and please include any sources that may not be listed below as well).  Young students may enlist the help of parents when reading, so long as the work is completed by the student. The reading assignment summary will be due on Thursday, December 15.


Ludwig van Beethoven is one of the world’s most famous composers.  He composed music for nearly every instrument, including nine symphonies and thirty-two piano sonatas.  For this assignment, please allow at least one paragraph to summarize his life.  Choose one or two genres of music (it can be any genre, whether it is piano sonatas, concertos, symphonies, etc.), and describe the music (suggestions:  characteristics of the pieces, famous people associated with a certain piece, interesting facts concerning a piece).



Suggested Links:

Lots of basic facts, contains ads


Classic FM:

Contains ads, but also a picture gallery



Large online database of musical scores for the composer’s works, plus a myriad of sources


DSO site for kids:


Classics for kids:


All about Beethoven site:

Gives links within the site that give a brief description of each of the symphonies


All about Beethoven piano resources:

Links to descriptions of each of the piano sonatas


Wikipedia article on Fur Elise:

An article about one of the world’s most famous piano works


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