Fall 2016 Semester News

Fall Schedule

The studio will begin the fall semester on Tuesday, August 23, and will end on Friday, December 16.  The home studio will be open on Tuesday afternoons, Thursdays, and Fridays.


The studio will be closed on the following days:


FPTA Recital:  date TBA

Thursday, October 29 and Friday, October 30:  planning day/optional makeup day

Tuesday, November 22-Friday, November 25:  Thanksgiving week


Student Performances

There will be several opportunities to perform this year.  Our studio recital is scheduled for Friday, December 16, 2016 (Fun fact:  our recital is scheduled for Beethoven’s birthday!), at MacPherson Presbyterian Church.  All students are welcome to play one or two pieces of music.  FPTA hosts an organization recital late in the fall in which each teacher is allowed to send two students to participate.  There are also several competitions that are open to Fayetteville area students:  NCMTA (March 18, 2017, open to intermediate and advanced students), Southeastern Community College Piano Competition in Whiteville (open to everyone), and the FPTA competition in May (open to all students who have at least one year of study).  Additionally, I am interested in pairing up some of the intermediate and advanced students to play some four-hand music for piano, or possibly even accompany another instrument or vocalist.  Please let me know if this is something that interests you.



While regular lessons are an important part of becoming an accomplished pianist, the majority of musical skill is developed through consistent, quality practice at home.  The general rule for practice is to study the length of the lesson, five times a week or more.  For example, a student taking a 30-minute lesson should be expected to practice a minimum of thirty minutes five days a week.  Students with highly advanced repertoire will be expected to practice a minimum of twenty hours a week, particularly during recital and competition times.  If this seems like a daunting task, you can work up to that amount of time over a period of several weeks.


Practice Pledge

This semester all students will sign the practice pledge.  I will pass out a form to every student at the first lesson of the fall semester.  This purpose of this pledge is to determine the frequency with which students practice, the quality of the practice, to make each student accountable for his or her work load, and to foster good practice habits.  I take this pledge very seriously, and I want every student to make a conscious effort to keep the pledge.  As an added bonus, there will be a prize at the end of the semester for the student that maintains the best practice log.


Fall Challenge

There will be another fall challenge this semester.  I will hand those out very soon.


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