Spring 2016 Studio Recital

Our Spring Studio Recital is scheduled for Friday, June 10, at 6:00 in the evening at MacPherson Presbyterian Church in Fayetteville.  All students currently enrolled in lessons are welcome to play one or more pieces of music.  Participation in the recital is not required, but strongly encouraged.  Thanks to the generosity of MacPherson Church, there will not be a recital fee.

MacPherson Presbyterian Church is located at 3525 Cliffdale Road, at the corner of MacPherson Church Road and and Cliffdale Road.  It is a big yellow church on a hill with a nice big parking lot.  A map is included at the bottom of this post.

Dress Code:  This recital is a special event to share our musical gifts, and it is important to wear something to honor this occasion.  Please refrain from wearing jeans, flip flops, and sneakers.  For the men, a collared shirt and nice pants are suitable (but if you would like to wear a jacket and tie, that would be wonderful).  For the ladies, a dress, skirt and top, or nice pants and a top are all good choices.  Please make sure that you practice in your shoes beforehand to make sure that you can walk and use the pedal comfortably in them.  Nails must be trimmed short, and free of nail polish (clear polish is fine).  You may wear your hair any way you like, but please make sure that it does not cover your face.

What to Bring:  Please bring your sheet music, even if it is memorized and you do not plan to use it.  It is always reassuring to have your book on hand to look at your piece one last time before you perform.  There will be a reception following the recital.  For those that would like to help with food, please let me know what you would like to bring.

Please contact me if you have any questions.


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