Fall 2015 Practice Challenge

This semester all students will participate in the practice challenge.  The challenges are arranged by level of study.  The Young Musician Challenge is for very young students who are new to piano.  The Renaissance Challenge will be assigned to elementary students, or those with up to two years of study.  The Romantic Challenge is intended for intermediate students.  The Impressionist Challenge is directed to the more advanced student.  Each level contains ten individual assignments, all of which must be completed by the end of the semester.  Those students that complete the challenge will earn a certificate.  The student in each category who finishes the challenge first will receive a special treat!

Practice Log

Each level of the practice challenge contains a “practice log” assignment.  Students are required to keep a practice log for one month.  This particular assignment will be helpful in organizing practice time and maximizing the time spent on each assignment.  Practice charts will be handed out at the first lesson.


There are two assignments on the practice challenge that pertain to performing.  The studio recital is one such assignment.  The date for this will be announced as soon as it is confirmed.  The other performing assignment is to take place outside of the studio.  Recommended venues include churches or other places of worship, school functions (like a talent show or parents’ night), retirement community, hospital, or community function.  There are a few reasons for this assignment.  The more a student performs, the more comfortable he or she may be performing in public.  This assignment will provide more opportunities to perform.  Performing can also be a form of community service.  Sharing our music with others is a wonderful way to lift others’ spirits and educate the community about music.

Practice Log

The Young Musician Challenge

Renaissance Challenge

Romantic Challenge

Impressionist Challenge


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