Fall Semester Events Calendar


Tuesday, August 25

Fall Semester Begins


Saturday, October 11

UNC School of the Arts Piano Weekend

UNCSA Piano Weekend 2014


Sunday, October 12, 5:00

FPTA Faculty Concert, Huff Concert Hall, Methodist University


October 16-19

NCMTA Conference

Lessons will be rescheduled.


Friday, November 14

Campbell University exams

Lessons will be rescheduled.


Monday, November 17, and Tuesday November 18

Snyder Music Academy recitals (for students in enrolled in Snyder)


November 25-30

Thanksgiving Break

Lessons will not meet this week.  Make up lessons may be scheduled.


Saturday, December 13

Last day of Fall Semester


Winter Recital:  TBA


Monday, January 5

Spring Semester begins


Saturday, February 1

Raleigh piano event, lessons will not meet


Saturday, February 21

NCMTA District Contest-Festival

UNC Pembroke

Lessons will not meet.


Tuesday, February 24, 8:00

Amanda Schafer Faculty Recital

Scott Concert Hall, Campbell University


FPTA Contest-Festival:  TBA



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