Important Dates

Our studio will be participating in an informal recital on August 2nd at 3pm at the Village Green at the Carolina Highlands.  Students are welcome to play as many pieces as they wish.  There will be a reception following the recital.

The fall semester officially begins on Monday, August 25th.  There are limited lesson times available, including a few time slots on Saturdays,  and they are being taken quickly.  Please contact Amanda Schafer for more information.

The Fayetteville Piano Teachers Association is presenting a faculty recital at Hoff Hall at Methodist University on Sunday, October 12th, at 5pm.  This recital serves as a fundraiser for FPTA.  It will aid in funding local piano events including recitals, master classes, piano camps, and the annual FPTA competition.  More information on the recital can be obtained at the FPTA website,, or by contacting Amanda Schafer at 910-494-4655.


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